ichigokirari :Strawberry Farm Kurume, Fukuoka

Our strawberries are preciously grown in the middle the nature between the fresh water of Chikugo river and the green trees of Minou mountain range.
You can enjoy 8 different types of strawberries.
・Amaou ・Kaorino ・Benihoppe
・Yotsuboshi ・Koiminori
・Amaekubo ・Sagchinoka
・Awayuki (Limited Quantities)
※Please note that we can not guarantee you can eat all types of strawberries depend of season and condition.
We cultivate delicious strawberries using organic fertilizers, which decreases pesticides by 50% according to Fukuoka prefecture’s criteria. Our strawberries are grown in beautiful nature and they are eco-friendly products.

*Please be careful of the small stairs since we grow up strawberries by 2 methods, elevated cultivation and soil culture cultivation which might make a difference in level.

*Please note that we do not take any responsibility for any accident or damage in the strawberry field.

We recommend that you to come in the morning as there are a lot of juicy and ripe strawberries during that time.
We expect reservation on the same day if there is still vacancy.